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Abdurrahman Çam fotoğraf

Abdurrahman Çam



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Abdurrahman Çam fotoğraf
Abdurrahman Çam fotoğraf
Abdurrahman Çam Fotoğrafı
Abdurrahman Çam kimdir
Abdurrahman Çam Fotoğrafı
Abdurrahman Çam - Kültepe Yatırım

Who is Abdurrahman Cam?

Kültepe Venture Investment R&D and Consultancy Inc. - General Secretary

I was born in 1992 in Kayseri. Since primary school, I had a very caring childhood. In 2004, I entered the world of technology with my first computer. In 2006, I discovered that I was interested in photography and started to develop myself in this field. I turned to mobile technologies in high school and continued to be interested in mobile photography. Together with the Erciyes University Sociology Department, all my hobbies and interests continued as jobs where I earned money. Professionally, besides photography, I worked as an application developer in Nokia Store. In addition, with the passion for "sociology", I started to realize projects in the origin of sociology. I continued my work by taking part in the kitchen of the business in the projects I carried out with the Tubitak Entrepreneurship Program. Along with all this, I continued my studies by teaching in various training activities. I think that innovation will be contributed by academic knowledge and its application to the field. In this context, I believe that "sociological" studies play a key role in many fields.

In this context, I continue my work in the fields of entrepreneurship and angel investing in Kültepe Investment, which is Anadolu's venture capital company cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_.

At Kültepe Investment, we make "smart money" focused investments in pre-seed and seed stage startups. We continue our work, being aware of the importance of the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in every aspect, from micro to macro.
Working together, we can create synergies in a strategic way.

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