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Podcast Broadcasting Training

What Will Include

  • Sociology of sound and visual communication forms (On symbol-image and hearing),

  • Technical information about podcast publishing,

  • Information about using the voice effectively, emphasis and intonation,

  • Information about platforms for broadcasting podcasts,

  • Being included in platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Deezer,

  • Accounts will be opened and applications will be made to broadcast podcasts.

Podcast Broadcasting Training


John Berger says “seeing came before speech” and talks about visuality about our world of perception and perception. However, in this training, the basic issues on auditory will be addressed. In addition, all technical issues required for podcast publishing will be included by including the place of audio media tools in social life with digitalization. Techniques such as breathing and the correct use of voice will also be included. In addition, in the training that will take place in a hands-on way, each participant will be supported to open a podcast publisher account and make their first podcast broadcast. Integration of these broadcasts with services such as Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Podcast will also take place.

Podcast Broadcasting Training

Training/Seminar Program



3- Application Section

Detailed Curriculum
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