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SPSS Tutorial Content (Udemy Certified Online Tutorial)

What We Will Learn:​

  • General Information on Quantitative Research Method for Social Sciences,

  • Learning the Working Logic of the SPSS Program,

  • Database Preparation for Surveys in SPSS Program,

  • Data Entry of Surveys Made in SPSS Program,

  • Editing and Testing the Entered Survey Data,

  • Interpretation, Tabulation and Graphical of Data are Included...


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SPSS Tutorial Content


It is a basic SPSS training set prepared especially for the input, analysis, database creation, interpretation and visualization of data collected after field research in Social Sciences . Specially prepared for beginners with experience and observations. In this way, anyone who is interested, regardless of the department, will be able to learn.


This training; It will be useful for those who do surveys in field research and those who want to report the outputs of field research in an easy and visual way. Social Scientists who follow this training will reach the level to handle their own work on SPSS.

This training is prepared at the beginner level, so it focuses on basic logic and applications instead of serious statistical information.

You can contact us at any time, ask your questions and request a new video about the parts that are not understood.

SPSS Tutorial Content

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Those who want to create a database on SPSS,

  • Those who want to enter data for surveys in SPSS,

  • Those who want to learn the SPSS program in general and at a basic level and use it for their thesis,

  • Those who want to analyze the research done in thesis writing,

  • Those who want to add another program to their resume,

  • In short, all social scientists who prepare surveys and want to analyze these surveys via SPSS can benefit from this basic training.

SPSS Tutorial Content


1- Introduction - Methods of Obtaining and Installing SPSS Program

2- Quantitative Research Method, SPSS and Questionnaire

3- Getting to Know the SPSS Program

4- Data Preparation in SPSS Program

5- Identifying and Interpreting Data

Trainings continue continuously in line with demand.

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